Virtual Tools that Enhance Connection & Drive Outcomes

  • Improve Patient Outcomes

  • Enhanced Patient Connection

  • Generate Serious Return on Investment

Building a lasting connection with patients is tough.

  • Is your Patient Education going in one ear and out the other?

  • Do patients lose interest after the first few visits?

  • Is your practice missing the “Wow” factor?

Increase Revenue

Whether making the same in less time or more in the same time, TeleCare Rx will be a game changer for your practice

Increase Outcomes

Marvel as your patients improve with greater efficiency and you achieve treatment outcomes with ease

Build Reputation

Watch as your patients spread the word to the community, helping to solidify your reputation and grow your practice

Avoid Burnout

Rejuvenate your passion to heal and see your stress melt as we take all the old parts of your practice and we upgrade them with simple technology


From streamlining workflows to boosting compliance to driving engagement, TeleCare Rx is your all-in-one solution that patients absolutely love.

Drive Engagement

  • Better Education
  • Easier Follow-up Visits
  • Progression Dashboards
  • Convenient Communication

Boost Compliance

  • Asynchronous Video Communication
  • Doctor Video Review Feature
  • Slow Motion and Annotation
  • Scalable for Your Needs

Streamline Your Workflows

  • Posture and Movement Assessment
  • Automate Your Most Commons
  • Robust Exercise Video Library
  • Fully Customizable

Patient Overview

  • See everything in one screen

Asynchronous Video Communication

  • Eliminate confusion and maximize value

Direct Messaging

  • Maintain communication within a familiar thread


TeleCareRx is commited to providing the best possible user and patient experience, but don't just take it from us. Hear what some of our clients are saying.

Dr. Jake Potter

Cedar City, Utah

5 months ago I was introduced to TeleCareRx and it has been a game changer for patient compliance with exercises. TeleCareRX helps keep paitents compliant with reminders and the ability to view videos and upload responses when needing help. My favorite feature is pre-recorded videos that I can send out to patients in addition to being able to record and upload my own videos tailored to patient needs. Everything is very easy when it comes to getting the patient the material needed. The positive impact on my practice of using TeleCareRx the last 5 months has been undeniable. The customer service has been readily available and beyond expectations whenever I need help.

Dr. Ian McIntosh

St. Louis, Missouri

I wanted to give a quick testimonial about how TeleCareRx has really helped my business and how it helped get my practice off the ground. I started out in May 2021 and TeleCareRx has helped my practice to be recognized as doing more than chiropractor services, it allows incorporation of rehab services and track progressions at home. TelecarRx also allows you to check on both pre and post assessments at the same time to track patient progress. My favorite features are the assessment tools. Patients can see their progress and see how they are getting better and improving. These at home assessment tools greatly help to increase patient engagement. TeleCareRx has been huge in getting my practice up and running over the last 11 months.

Melissa Schwab


I rated TeleCare Rx 10/10 (Extremely Helpful)I'm a visual learner so being able to watch and rewatch the videos is very important. The review tools are also very helpful. I love getting feedback between regular appointments because I'm always trying to improve, so more feedback has meant more improvement. TeleCare Rx is easy to use and it at least doubles, if not triples, my access to my doctor's brain! If I every forget something, it's always there for me.

About Us

Jared and Jim started TeleCare Rx in 2019 with the hopes to revolutionize the healthcare industry by reducing the burden on providers, restoring quality relationships between doctors and patients, and further reducing the need for highly addictive prescription drugs. With Jared's foundation as a premier chiropractor and Jim's experience leading large scale software application teams, they quickly identified that the chiropractic industry's utilization of modern technologies was far behind its competitors and began building products to fill those gaps.


Software Development Specialist


Chiropractic Physician MS - Sports and Rehab

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Request a Free Consultation now so you can prevent burnout from old technology and ancient practice management methods. It's time to streamline your practice with TeleCare Rx so you can deliver for your patients and yourself!

At TeleCare Rx we know you are the best kind of provider. One who wants to help patients live their best lives! To achieve that, you need a system that encourages collaboration, visualizes progression, and drives meaningful engagement. You need something to produce the “Wow” factor. The problem is too many patients discontinue care far too early due to inconvenient office visits, confusing patient education, or no real excitement around their treatment. It's simply a lack of “perceived” value that leaves you feeling frustrated and unmotivated. We believe that providers and patients should have long standing relationships that are supported and streamlined with technological efficiency. We understand that may seem impossible and overwhelming. That's why TeleCare Rx is a patient-centered product that focuses on maximizing engagement and enhancing your treatment outcomes.


Increase Revenue and Profits while creating a more Flexible work schedule!


$0 / month

  • 2 month free trial
  • Includes all features and includes training with one of our experts to get started


$3,900 / year

  • Best Value: Save $648/year
  • Partner with the TeleCare Rx team to customize the software to your workflow


  • Posture and Movement Assessment
  • Automate Your Most Commons
  • Robust Exercise Video Library
  • Fully Customizable
  • Asynchronous Video Communication
  • Doctor Video Review Feature
  • Slow Motion and Annotation
  • Scalable for Your Needs
  • Better Education
  • Easier Follow-up Visits
  • Progression Dashboards
  • Convenient Communication


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